DeWitt's Take on Thermacell

Posted by Backcountry & Beyond on 18th Apr 2022

DeWitt's Take on Thermacell

When it comes to the summer and spending time outdoors doing the things you love, the last thing you want to worry about are mosquitos. Whether it's grilling, hunting, hammocking, or fishing, Thermacell offers you up to a 20 foot radius of mosquito free enjoyment. Thermacell goes beyond candles, bug spray or other remedies. DeWitt from Backcountry & Beyond speaks about his own personal experience using Thermacell.

“Thermacell is an awesome tool to keep mosquitos away. Speaking from personal experience, before we ever had the store, I was an Assistant Scoutmaster for many years, and, being on some campouts, I quickly learned from the other Scoutmasters that this was an essential tool for being outdoors.” He explained. “If you want to have friends at the campout, this is a very good device, because people are going to want to hangout with you,” he added jokingly.

Speaking on his favorite kind of Thermacell device, DeWitt says he likes the portability of a handheld Thermacell device. This one uses a butane tank paired with a repellant mat, which holds the active ingredient, an extract from a chrysanthemum flower, for repelling mosquitoes. After clicking it on, turning on a little pilot light that releases the active ingredient, you are all set with a 15 foot radius of protection.

Although DeWitt likes the portability of the handheld model, he also enjoys using the battery powered model for stationary activities such as camping or grilling. This one is especially nice because it will give you 5 and a half hours of protection per charge, and the same active ingredient is held in a tank that can provide up to 40 hours of repelling. This model provides you with a 20 foot radius of protection.

Jeff also has his own personal story of how he found out about Thermacell. On a hunting trip with friends, he recalls being in a tree getting attacked by mosquitoes. Being a hunter, he is no stranger to mosquitoes, however these were so bad he had to call it quits. This was only until one of his friends lended him his Thermacell device to use. Jeff described how after that, there were no more mosquitoes around him and he was able to continue hunting with no issues.

So, while Thermacell will give you that 15-20 foot radius of protection from mosquitoes that you need, it also makes you fast friends whether out on a hunting trip or camping out with a group.