​Energize Your Life

Posted by Backcountry & Beyond on 28th Jun 2022

​Energize Your Life

Being healthy not only means being active, but it also means fueling your body accordingly. This means supplementing yourself before, during, and after your workouts. Having good pre-workout nutrition will enable you with everything needed for peak performance. Not getting the adequate nutrients you need will lead to fatigue, impairment, and a decline in performance. 

Carbohydrates are essential for any pre-workout meal or supplement. Carbs are the body's primary fuel source, especially when working out for longer periods of time, so the body will need larger amounts of it to help maximize your body's ability to use glycogen to fuel high- intensity workouts. Electrolytes are another key pre-workout essential. Electrolytes help your body regulate chemical reactions, maintain the balance between fluids, and more. Giving your body the appropriate amount of electrolytes and fluids are key in a productive workout. 

If you're planning to do endurance, long distance runs, or lengthier exercises, you may want to add some fats or protein to your pre-workout regime. These digest a lot slower than carbohydrates, making them better preparation for longer workouts. While you're performing, especially during longer bouts of activity, nutrition may be needed during these workouts. Balanced nutrition during your workout will provide quick and continued energy so you can keep moving. Snacks or supplements that are easy to digest, easy to consume, and enjoyable to taste will be the most beneficial. Electrolytes and hydration supplements will work especially well. 

While focusing on your pre-workout and performing regime is important for success during workouts, so is aftercare and recovery. Supplying your body with the right ingredients after your workout can help with recovery time, repair muscles, and replenish energy. Both protein and carbohydrates are great for aiding with this. Finding a brand that can provide these things can be overwhelming, so let's talk about two brands we have tried and loved that have worked. Honey Stinger is a great snack option. They have everything from bars to gummies to hydration packs. They also have a unique ingredient in all their snacks to make them extra tasty. If you guessed "honey" you would be right! 

Honey, while giving you that sweet taste, is also shown to digest easily, absorb quickly, and help with power and performance without a sugar crash like other sweeteners. Honey Stinger also values the fact that everyone can benefit from their snacks, no matter their activity level. They accomplish this by making their snack tasty and easy to understand. If you're looking for a yummy treat, they've got you covered. But if you're looking to become more active, Honey Stinger has created a 3-step system to help athletes know the best times to consume their products. They've coined this system as Prepare-Perform-Recover, labeling their products with these three steps to help you always perform at your best. 

MTN OPS is another brand that aids in nutrition. While Honey Stingers is more of a snack option, MTN OPS is more of a supplement choice. With a wide array of supplement options, this brand is also great for anyone to enjoy. However, for those being active, their products are also clearly labeled with pre, during, and post workout and have powders to mix into your water or straight-to-mouth options as well. For everyday use, they have products including those to help with sleep, energy levels, vitamin aids, and much more. 

So, whatever your needs, Honey Stinger and MTN OPS has got you covered with all the supplement and nutrition your body wants to keep you healthy, energized, and motivated to take on whatever challenge of the day is waiting for you.