Step Your Way Into Style, Comfort, and Quality

Posted by Backcountry & Beyond on 18th Jul 2022

Step Your Way Into Style, Comfort, and Quality

Stepping into the right sock can provide increased comfort, style, and improved performance. With the feet receiving heavy impact on a daily basis, it's important to give them the protection they need. While some may need socks tailored towards higher activity levels, sweat levels, and movement, others may want them for all day comfort, style and expression, and breathability. Choosing the right fit for your feet will have you going further than ever before.

FITS socks and Stance socks prove to be two high quality brands that have very different things to offer. Stance focuses on more fashion-forward pieces while FITS specializes in performance heavy designs.

The first thing you'll notice about Stance socks are their unique styles, prints, and designs. They offer infinite ways to express your personality while also getting that premium feel that you want from any sock. Providing limitless expression without compromising on comfort is shown through Stance's ingredient list. Utilizing polyester, merino wool, spandex, and cotton as their main components, they promise socks that will last, manage sweat, provide comfort, and mold to the foot.

Taking quality to an even higher level, they also make socks with arch support, seamless toe closures, boot protection, and extra toe and heel padding.

Making the trade for style over comfort and quality is something Stance was never willing to do. They strive to make individuality, expressing their values, and showing off their personality always go hand in hand with quality.

While style is still important to FITS, it takes the backseat to performance and quality. FITS creates socks meant for the athlete, performer, and go-getter. They want every step you take to be your best.

To accompany you on all your adventures, FITS provides you with the most premium fit using the most premium materials. Merino wool is the leading component in most of their Socks. Differing from regular wool, Merino wool is softer, more comfortable, and handles sweat and odor well. This fabric aids them in achieving their patented Full Contact Fit system which aims to target blisters, odors, and sweat.

Beginning with their Full Contact Cuff, Fits makes sure that your socks never slip or slide. Using a grated compression, FITS socks stay put without being constructing or stretching out. Their Heel Lock supports this ability while also providing a hug for your heel, blister resistance, and no bunching in your shoe. The Dynamic Toe Cup further fits the foot and creates a seam that stays in place without bothering you.

While both companies have different visions and provide different experiences, they have one thing in common. FITS and Stance have created quality socks with attention to detail and with a dedication to being with you every step of where life takes you.