Why We Love Black Rifle Coffee!

Posted by Backcountry & Beyond on 2nd May 2022

Why We Love Black Rifle Coffee!

Drinking your cup of morning coffee everyday can taste a lot better with the knowledge that the money you spent on it is going towards a good cause. That’s one of the things that make Black Rifle Coffee unique and is what store owner, Jeff, loves about the brand. This, along with the wide range of roast profiles, grounds, whole beans, and K-Cups is what made Jeff decide to bring the brand to Backcountry & Beyond.

Founded in 2014 by former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer, Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-founded organization, providing jobs and loans to business-seeking Veterans. While Black Rifle attributes the success of the company to their employees' high standards of work ethic, the same can be said about their coffee. Dedicated to the freshness of coffee, Black Rifle personally blends, roasts, and ships the coffee directly to customers to ensure the freshest possible experience.

The signature fresh taste is also something DeWitt, Backcountry & Beyond partner, loves about Black Rifle Coffee. DeWitt explains the reason for this better taste is due to the company’s custom roast to order, which means that when he orders it, he gets the next batch made, ensuring that fresh taste, one that is difficult to find in other coffees.

Another reason for the premium taste is that Black Rifle sources beans from Guatemala and Brazil, two of the world’s leading coffee producing countries. The beans are shipped from the farms they were grown from straight to Black Rifle’s roasting facilities. Ensuring quick turnover time to maintain the freshness of the coffee, the beans are put in cast-iron drum roasters which can roast 100-270 pounds of coffee in three to 15 minutes, depending on the roast. Afterwards the beans or grounds are moved straight to packaging where they’re sealed up and shipped off to you.

When asked what DeWitt’s favorite coffee flavor by Black Rifle is, he described the AK-47 as his preference. “Rather than just a medium roasted coffee, they take light columbian and dark brazilian coffees and mix them together to make a medium roast. I love the resulting unique flavor.”

Black Rifle’s unique and fresh taste is their staple, making for a quality experience each sip of the way, with the added bonus of supporting Veterans and first responders makes it even sweeter.