BioLite HeadLamp 750 - Midnight Grey

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Description High Performance Light With A High Performance Fit Go further and stay brighter with the Pro-Level HeadLamp 750. Utilizing 3D SlimFit construction, this hands-free light packs serious lumens and rechargeable power into a compact profile with an unprecedented no-bounce fit. With key features including a 750 lumen Burst Mode, Constant Brightness Setting, and a red rear light, this HeadLamp is ready to match your own epic performance. Features And Benefits 3D Slimfit Construction USB Rechargeable Constant Brightness Mode Lumens: 750 Lm BURST 500 Lm HIGH 5 Lm LO Run Forever Cable Included (3ft USB to Micro USB) Output 750 Lumen Burst, 500 Lumen Constant Lighting Modes: White Spot (Dimming), White Flood (Dimming), White Strobe, Red Flood (Dimming), Red Rear Flood (Dimming), Red Rear Strobe, LOCK OUT 4-Point Tilt Beam Distance: 130M Spot / 15M Flood Burn Time (Regulated): 150 Hrs LO / 5 Hrs HI Reserve Mode: 8 Hours Additional Burn Time (Constant): 150 Hrs LO / 2 Hrs HI Reserve Mode: 8 Hours Additional Weight: 5.3 oz (150 g)