YETI Rambler 20 oz Travel Mug Navy

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This double-duty on-the-go drink handler is the only YETI Drinkware topped with the Rambler StrongHold Lid , a twist-on upgrade that's backed with dual-slider magnet technology. It adds a strong layer between your free-flowing drink and the inside of your car or truck. And if we're talkin' about where to take it, its elevated handle lets you enjoy cup-holder convenience just about anywhere. Because no one needs more chores to do when returning from the wild, the 20 oz. Travel Mug and its lid are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. Please Note: The StrongHold lid is specially made for the Rambler 20 oz. Travel Mug and won't fit other Rambler Drinkware models. The Travel Mug Stronghold Lid has 4 placement options and plays nice with both righties and lefties, just like all our Rambler Drinkware.