Backcountry & Beyond was founded in 2018 by Jeff Moose and DeWitt Brown as a way to bring their favorite outdoor brands to the Salisbury, NC market and beyond.  Jeff and DeWitt first met in 1986 as freshmen roommates at the University of South Carolina, and founded a lifelong friendship highlighted by outdoor adventures.  From skiing out west and up north, from triathlons to marathons, to cycling events through the mountains, they both have a passion for the outdoors and the products that they have found enhance those outdoor experiences.  Both had careers well outside of retail, with Jeff working in Manufacturing and DeWitt in Corporate IT, but decided in 2018 to take a leap of faith and pursue their passion.  The store's philosophy is to focus on depth not breadth when it comes to the brands carried, so when B&B carries a brand, we go all in.  This results in classifications such as being a YETI Gold dealer, a Costa Premium Outfitter, and a Traeger Platinum dealer.  We pride ourselves on being highly trained on our brands, and enjoy sharing that knowledge with our customers.  After all, we don't pitch the products because that's what we sell, we sell them because we have experienced them and love them!