Bluesign at B&B

Posted by Backcountry & Beyond on 21st Sep 2022

Bluesign at B&B

Being a consumer in today's day and age can be overwhelming. With more garments in the world than ever before, each using a different ingredient list, it can be tricky knowing what's best to put on your body.

Bluesign is an accountability partner that can help you pick your way through the crowd and choose the best materials for your body and the environment.

What is Bluesign?

As experts in the textile and manufacturing industry, Bluesign offers companies the chance to abide by more environmentally friendly guidelines and safe chemical practices in exchange for the Bluesign tag.

With a new wave of importance being put on saving our planet, more consumers are likely to buy pieces they know won’t put as much wear and tear on the earth. This is why accountability partners will not only benefit the business, but also the consumer, the workers, and the planet.

Why Bluesign?

A lot of the chemicals used to make the clothes you wear can be toxic to you, the environment, and workers. The Bluesign stamp of approval simply means that companies are using textile products that are safe for everyone involved.

Factors Bluesign takes into account include water consumption, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, chemical consumption, and waste.

To aid businesses on how to achieve these goals, they've created a Restricted Substance List (RSL) and a list of safer alternatives to ensure only the best chemicals are being used. This list is one of the most extensive around and a lot of companies have adopted it into their manufacturing structure.

How To Spot Bluesign?

Bluesign approved pieces will come with a noticeable Bluesign tag. A lot of things may be unknown in the modern consumer world, but with Bluesign, you're ensured that what you put on your body is safe for you, the workers who made the garment, and the environment in which we live.

Next time you’re browsing through stores or online shopping, take notice of the programs that these businesses are pairing up with. While Bluesign makes a great partner, there are many other good ones as well.

Bluesign at Backcountry & Beyond

We are proud to have brands that are tagged with Bluesign. Eno and Helly Hansen have both taken the pledge to ensure select products are as safe as can be, so if you're in the market for hammocks or rain wear, check them out and keep an eye out for the Bluesign tag.