Go Green With These Products

Posted by Backcountry & Beyond on 27th May 2022

Go Green With These Products

The world’s resources are not infinite. This is a pressure that a lot of brands and businesses are becoming aware of and passionate about. With so many taking a stand, it can be nice to know, as a consumer, that the products you are buying are going towards a healthier environment. Backcountry & Beyond understands the need for such change and is why we want to highlight some of our brands and their sustainable products.


ENO, a hammock brand, prides itself in its sustainability efforts. Their sustainability work is rooted in three pillars: materials and chemistry, environmental conservation, and social responsibility. A big way they show this dedication is by using bluesign approved materials. Bluesign is a partner system that works to reduce chemical hazards, increase workplace safety, and focus on environmental impacts during material production. Additionally, Eno is working to use more recycled materials, safer dyes, and safer water repellents to further increase the sustainability of their products.

Understanding the rapid loss of our trees and forests, ENO has also made environmental efforts to improve this fact. They are committed to planting two trees for every hammock sold and donating 1% of all their sales towards nonprofit organizations, focused on the protection of the environment.

Among their partnership with bluesign, they are also partners with organizations such as the Conservation Alliance, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Continental Divide Trail Coalition and many more partners that aim to help the environment and focus on sustainability. They also accept the Vendor Code of Conduct which promotes a fair, safe, respectful and non-discriminatory working environment for the people producing our products.


Costa, being a sunglass brand aimed at the fishing community, understands that discarded fishing material can be extremely harmful to the ocean and its inhabitants. Discarded fishing nets in particular, are the most harmful plastic pollution in our oceans.

To combat this fact, Costa teamed up with Bureo to make a line of sunglasses made up of 97% to 100% recycled fishing nets to do their part in reducing waste in our ocean. These frames have a whole collection dedicated to them and we are proud to have a selection in our stores.

Along with their Untangle Our Oceans collection, Costa also has other sustainable options such as a selection of shirts and long sleeves that are made from plastic bottles and netting, frames made from bio-resin to further reduce their carbon footprint, and developing a Kick Plastic campaign which focuses on cleaning up our beaches.

Hari Mari

Hari Mari is one of our newer brands who mainly sells flip flops and who has recently released a collection of 100% vegan options . Using Nopal cactus plants, not only is Hari Mari able to make an eco-friendly flip flop, they can do so without any harm to the plant. Using the cactuses mature leaves only, they are able to re-harvest leaves every 6-8 months. The great thing about using this plant is, cacti can handle the heat and can withstand water, all things that good flip flops need.

To ensure that the entire shoe is sustainable, not just parts of it, Hari Mari used recycled shoes and sneaker soles to make up the rubber parts of the flop. The cool part about using these recycled materials, is you can actually see it in the sole of the shoes, making no two pairs the same and ensuring for a unique look every time. For the padding of the flip flop, they used repurposed EVA which is a foam deriving from petrol-chemicals so repurposing means they are not depleting more natural resources and you’re still getting the comfort you desire and expect from your Hari Mari flip-flop.

Backcountry & Beyond is happy to bring you these brands and their collections that focus on giving you the same expected quality without the same impact on the environment.