Stay Hydrated with YETI

Posted by Backcountry & Beyond on 26th Jul 2022

Stay Hydrated with YETI

Staying hydrated all year long is important, but it's especially crucial in the summertime when the temperature's are high and the risk of dehydration is more likely. Making sure to drink enough water will aid in healthy metabolism, lubricated joints, temperature regulation, digestion, energized feelings, and overall good health.

With so many health benefits to drinking water, knowing the right amount to consume can help you develop a goal for drinking more water. The recommended amount of water to drink a day for adults is half an ounce to an ounce per pound that you weigh. For example, if you weigh 200 lb, you need to be getting between 100 and 200 oz of water each day. While this may seem like a lot, consistently drinking water throughout the day will help you maintain a good amount of liquid intake, leaving you feeling refreshed, and providing a plentiful amount of health benefits.

Finding a good water bottle is the first step. When considering which type of bottle to buy, you'll want to consider how well the water bottle will keep your liquids cold, how many ounces of liquid the bottle holds, and how easy the bottle is to carry around.

Starting with the size, if you’re going to have access to a water source throughout the day, a smaller bottle like an 18 or 26 oz bottle may suffice, but if you're going the majority of the day with only a limited ability to refill your water, you'll want to consider a more heavy duty bottle such as a 46 or even half gallon bottle. You’ll want to drink your water consistently throughout the day instead of chugging it at random intervals during the day, which is why having adequate supply with you at all times is key.

While having an adequate amount of liquid with you at all times is important, so is the temperature of said water. Having cold water can help you feel refreshed, regulate your body temperature, help with fatigue, improve recovery time, and aids in faster rehydration. This is where a metal water bottle might be the best option. The metal water bottles you want to look out for are the insulated ones.

Insulated water bottles use a vacuum seal to ensure that the liquid put inside them stays either cold or hot. Inside of this vacuum seal, there are no air molecules, which ensures a slower transfer of heat inside of the bottle, keeping your water colder for longer periods of time. This makes it so you can go all day long with ice still in your bottle. Plastic water bottles on the contrary are generally only there to hold water, not keep it cold.

Another aspect of water bottles to be mindful of is the way in which you'll be carrying it around. For instance, a smaller 18 oz water bottle may be fine to put into a bag or carry by hand however, if you're considering purchasing a larger size such as the 46 oz. bottle, you'll need to be wary of the added weight and scale of such a water bottle. Bottles that have some sort of handle option is a great way to make transportation a little bit easier. Another way to easily carry any bottle around in a bottle sling. These water bottle slings act as a bag specifically made towards the bottle you're carrying. These bottle slings not only help with the strain of carrying a bottle, but it also protects the metal water bottle from getting dents or scrapes in it that may affect how well the insulation works.

All of these tools can help keep you hydrated. Dehydration, especially in the higher temperatures, will create fatigue and exhaustion at an accelerated rate. Dehydration comes with a list of dangers including headaches, nausea, vomiting, passing out, weakness and much more. Making sure to set a goal for yourself each day to track your water income will prove to be important in maintaining your overall health and well-being

YETI is a great example of a brand that has an inventory of high quality bottles meant to keep you drinking more water. All YETI’s are insulated, durable, and meant to last. With a variety of sizes to pick from, everything from 12 oz to an entire gallon, you are sure to find an option which suits your specific needs. YETI also has a variety of lids created to help you consume water easier and carry it with less trouble. The standard cap that comes with all yeti bottles allows you to easily chug from, hold, and carry around. YETI also makes bottle slings perfect for carrying around your bottles on hiking trips, camping trips, or anywhere else where you won't be stationary.

With a mission to create products built for the wild, YETI will last and hold up to even the most extreme circumstances, all the while keeping your liquids hot or cold.

So, whatever your adventures or endeavors are this summer, make sure you always have access to cold water at all times.