A-MAZE-N Smoker - 12" Tube

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Overview: The latest addition to my smoking arsenal is the A-MAZE-N-TUBE-SMOKER(AMNTS)PATENTED The AMNTS uses the very same materials as my other smokers, but it's in the shape of a tube. It was designed to burn pellets and supplement smoke at higher temps, in Pellet Grills/Smokers. This is where most pellet grills/smokers do not produce much smoke. The AMNTS adds additional smoke at cooking temps, regardless if your pellet grill/smoker is burning pellets or not. It can also be used in many other types of smokers or grills, where grate space is limited. Just like the other smokers we sell, the AMNTS will produce great smoke for cold smoking as well. The 12" AMNTS will burn up to 4 hours, depending on the smoker temps, type of pellets and draft inside your smoker. **Bonus = 12" Tube Smoker is "Prefilled" with 12 oz of Pitmasters Choice Pellets A-MAZE-N DUST cannot be used with the A-MAZE-N TUBE SMOKER FEATURES & BENEFITS: Produces smoke for up to 4 hours during Cold Smoking and while supplementing smoke @ 225°+ in your grill or smoker. Smoke Generator creates clean smoke! Cold Smoke Meat, Fish, Cheese, Nuts and More! Hot Smoke your favorite foods - See FAQ's for more information Constructed of Stainless Steel - Durable and will not rust Small, light and portable Can be used in a smoker or grill No holes to drill No cords to plug in Produces very little heat Easy to use Easy to clean - NO "GOOEY MESS"!