Cackalacky Secret Sauce

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Famously Original Cackalacky Secret Sauce - 16 oz - Jar Brewed under a closely guarded veil of discretion in the heart of North Carolina, Cackalacky Secret Sauce is our unique interpretation of traditional RED HOT "vinegar style" Carolina sauce - whose origins date back hundreds of years! Our piquant all-natural blend is a masterful-yet-simple interfusion of artisanal apple cider vinegar, select chile peppers, and "secret Cackalacky spices" and pairs particularly well with customary regional favorites such as barbecue pork & ribs, grilled chicken, and collard greens. Cackalacky Secret Sauce also makes a wonderful "home-style" mignonette for oysters as well as a delightful slaw dressing when paired with chopped cabbage and mayonnaise. Pairing Suggestions: ★ Pork Barbecue ★ Wings ★ Grilled Shrimp ★ Collards ★ Slaw Dressing ★ Oysters