Traeger Rub

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SPICE YOUR LIFE Here's the rubdown: for anything you're fixin' to grill, we've got a spice for that. Whether you rub it on or shake it out, make your meal superbly spiced. Give your BBQ the Traeger x Leinenkugel's rubdown. This sweet and spicy rub was crafted with the perfect blend of lemon and spices to pair perfectly with chicken, veggies, fish, and of course an ice-cold Shandy. Fin & Feather Rub goes from the land to the sea, this versatile, savory rub pairs perfectly with deep water swimmers and feathered fliers. Chicken Rub, just slap it on to make every bird bold, juicy, and oh so succulent. Pork & Poultry Rub, with its apple and honey flavor, join forces to guarantee your chicken and pork creations are damn delicious. Prime Rib Rub, hit your prime rib, or other beef cuts, with this seasoning packed with garlic, herbs, and addictive flavor. Traeger Rub is our house rub is ready to tackle any protein you've got. This crazy versatile combo features garlic and chili pepper notes and will quickly become a seasoning staple. PRODUCT FEATURES - Traeger Pair with Traeger 'Que BBQ Sauce and Hickory Hardwood Pellets Oregano and basil flavor profile Kosher, GMO-free & gluten free Packaged in aluminum tins Made in the USA